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Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness offers free one-on-one financial advising, interactive activities, and online tools to help you be financially fit from freshman year through graduation and beyond.

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Andy Espelage

Andy Espelage,

Phone: (859) 572-6498
Office: UC 120
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Coya Jackson

Budgeting for Today, Tomorrow and the Future

Andy has always been a welcoming face around the office. He encouraged me to make a financial fitness appointment with him to discuss any questions and/or concerns about financial aid, budgeting tips, and any other college expenses I may have difficulty understanding.

As a college student, I was struggling with budgeting and managing a student credit card. Andy gave me some helpful tips for budgeting my credit card account and gave me a outline worksheet to break down and organize where my money is coming from and going to. We also checked my financial aid account to make sure I was aware of different college expenses. Andy was very helpful and resourceful and I am looking forward to future  meetings with him to come.

Coya Jackson